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 99's Guide ( from Moderator : gf )

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99's Guide ( from Moderator : gf ) Empty
PostSubject: 99's Guide ( from Moderator : gf )   99's Guide ( from Moderator : gf ) I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 9:17 pm

Hello, this is all you will need to know inorder to get 99's faster and easier!

First off you will want to use your starter, and head straight to rock crabs, after about 70 attack and 70 strength, get a whip, or stronger weapon, go back to rock crabs and get defence up, after this, you may start ranging, if you have trouble with prayer, use dragon bones on an altar, it is fast and easy!

The place you will want to go to ( after you get 46 prayer for melee ) go to traverly dungeons, BRING AN ANTI-FIRE SHIELD! and kill the blue dragons through the tube, collect there bones, and you can easily use on an altar to get 99 prayer! this is also a fast money strategy, to players that need bones, you can sell these dragon bones, ( the prices will be on a different forum topic ).

To train range you would want to go to KBD ( 85 range is reccomended ) BRING AN ANTI-DRAGON SHIELD! the KBD is also fast money, if you get a visage, you can make a dragonfire shield, and with that you can sell it ( or use it ) and make money!

Magic will be mainly on rock crabs till 80, then you can train on black demons ( traverly dungeon ). make sure you bring a lot of runes, and to switch spell books over to ancients, after lvl 80!

Money Guides will be posted as well!
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99's Guide ( from Moderator : gf )
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